Attention Game / App Makers: PvP isn’t always wanted or welcome!

Dear Game / App Makers,

Every day I see offers for games, be it on the Apple or Google App Stores, or via Facebook or Steam… Really nice looking games; one fault – PvP. I don’t mind a little competition, say a league table, or some competition for limited resources in any given game; I do mind PvP.


I work for a living (Therefore have money to spend on games!), I don’t have the time to sit around all day and night guarding whatever I’ve accomplished in game from some doleite-scum who just sits there 24/7 and does nothing else.

I want a quiet relaxing experience without being on the edge of my seat that some arsehole with more time to burn than brain cells will come in with zerg-like force and nuke me from orbit.

I would willingly give money to purchase some of the titles I’ve seen recently, however I’ve not because of the forced PvP elements. FFS, Game-Makers – get the whole forced PvP thing out of your systems, and at least give your potential customer’s a choice of getting nuked by some doleite-scum or script-kiddie.

Yours truly,
A potential (And currently pissed off) customer.