All good with an edge of potential tension

It’s the weekend. My wife volunteered an overnight babysitting event for the grand daughter, Peanut. Well, it’s Sunday morning and that’s almost over. I’m out of bed early whilst my wife is “having a lie in” – this involves me making and transporting buckets of tea to her whilst she plays on her phone, looking on as the baby sleeps – we don’t want her to wake up too soon now lol 🙂 Anyhow, gives me some much needed time to blog!

The daughter is also down, got her yesterday after returning to the house from a day of shopping. Anyhow, I’m surprised there hasn’t been in “incident”, as this is the first time she’s been here since the whole alco-blowup thing a few weeks ago. I’ve banned her from drinking alcohol in the house when she’s with us; my wife kindly had that uncomfortable conversation with the daughter before she came over. Anyhow, I’m surprised, pleasantly as she coped sober for the evening – more importantly there was a distinct lack of the usual alco-induced histrionics and a “normal” evening was had by all. I’m sorry that my wife couldn’t enjoy a glass of wine or two during the evening, but the benefits outweigh the hazards on a massive scale when it comes to not drinking with the daughter.

I said to my wife that I’m not going to allow her to damage us or the family, and have remained consistent in my statement of the daughter not drinking when she’s with us – happy that the actual reality of the thing is working. I just have to stick firmly to it and ensure that there is no back-sliding!

I’m increasingly seeing alcohol as a real problem for those without control – I have both the daughter and the Father in the same boat, OK, he has some more control being a seasoned alco of many years, yet I can clearly see the gargantuan amount of long term damage it has and continues to inflict on his health and relationships.

Sometimes I think that I’m wrong and can’t sit in a white-castle overlooking those with alcohol problems; but I’m not wrong, I’m just different – I have a massive amount of self control concerning addictive drugs – I can and frequently say no and just stop my intake dead. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink the same as the rest of the populace, and on occasion have used it as everyone does, as a crutch to help with difficult times, but I have always stopped and always shown control, plus never had it impact any relationship I had or still have.

As my wife points out – I have this level of control and other don’t, so perhaps I should think more before I act. Maybe she’s right, but sometimes I can see the problems where others can’t – so I am duty and honour bound to act when events, relationships, or the health of people I care about, are in the process of degrading – anything less is simply unacceptable. Perhaps she means that I could be more gentle in my actions and I’d still reach the same outcome; perhaps she’s right. Time, as always, will tell me with all the subtlety of a punch in the face…

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