Old age kinksters, part 2

BDSM SymbolFollowing on from the first article, Ageing Kinkster Problems, here are some more problems encountered by the increasingly aging kinksters… It’s not all bad, just part of kink-life 🙂

Sooo… Further Signs of getting older for all the OAKs (Old Age Kinksters):

  • Session recovery time is measured in days, not hours!
  • Childhood punishments are now treats, a sound spanking and being sent to bed early? Yes please!
  • Your sub doing the housework in chains? Just stop rattling and get it done!
  • Sub’s favourite request – to be chained up, for a rest and nap!
  • Lube is delivered in buckets
  • Being broke because you spent all the pension money on new dungeon toys!
  • Everything has to be quick release for those bathroom rush moments
  • You can wear bondage equipment in public and nobody notices!
  • Medical role-play is more medical than play
  • You have to write down where you put the keys, just in case!
  • Wax play helps with skin tone
  • During a play session there’s no need for blindfolds – just confiscate your sub’s glasses!
  • Your top can’t undo the rope knots without finding their glasses first…. Session extension!
  • The toy chest has to be on wheels as it’s too heavy to move!
  • Less sessions as you need more time to heal up, especially the wrists!
  • Mind is continually revved up, willing 24*7, but body says no!