Fucking Work…

Fucking Work? I hear you ask. Yes. Fucking Work.

This last week has been a major league PITA. Every day I have been stupidly busy, on three of days I actually did around an hour overtime per day, meaning to get this back on the fourth as I should have had the opportunity to, however it was not to be. And yes, this was ‘just’ a four day week due to the public holiday on the Monday.

You know, I work in I.T. – this means I should have a quiet life – I should be able to sit at my desk and do nothing apart from watch stuff on my iPad for hours at a time. The game had changed somehow in the last couple of weeks, I’ve not had a single fucking moment of downtime – I normally have a chance to update this blog during the working-day (During Lunch, of course!), but like fuck I have this last week, lunch has been just a dream! 🙁

My Manager is leaving in a few weeks now, so have begun handing work off to us peons – now whist I don’t mind too much as it will ensure a good grade at the year’s end, I can’t help think that if a manager was doing the work in the first place, then a manager should continue to do said work; I suppose it’s the same story as in every industry these days, less people and more work. Anyhow, between myself and a colleague, we’ve been made responsible for maintenance, input and general upkeep of the knowledgebase us engineers and the helpdesk-peons use. The Knowledgebase is a sizeable piece of work, and will, I hope, ensure the all important grade at the end of of the year. But fuck it all, I have to work lol 😉

Went out and about for work this week – was in Bristol on Thu and at one of the other offices in Cardiff on the Friday. Neither was too bad I suppose, I do actually like the staff in the Bristol office, and if in Cardiff I get to see my wife for half hour.

Bristol was OK, got there slightly late, and then had extra work to do in terms of hoovering up all the excess computers for return to my main office… Late leaving, hence the moaning regarding having to put in some extra time.

You’d think I’d be happy for the extra time, I mean time is money, right? Wrong – this fucking company won’t authorise the time, therefore I won’t get paid for it 🙁 I am however going to make a concerted effort upon my return to the office in a week (YaY – We have a week off work!), to do largely nothing and have some early finishes – if I don’t, it means the bastards have won!

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