Death by Takeout, continued…

Well, as titled, the Death by Takeout has continued; only thrice in the last week have we cooked. Now, as said, I’m normally the good one, normally the one who cooks most of the time and says No to the allure of the fast food – this last week has been the hell-week work wise and I’ve just not been arsed.

Now, can I remember… Sunday I treated myself to some chilli sausages during the day, then cooked some steak which I found at half price in the UMCWS (Upper Middle Class Wanker Store – Sainsburys) with some creamy mushroom sauce and new potatoes – was very nice. Monday was some lamb sausages, again from the UMCWS. I think we were good on Tuesday as well, having some chicken steak things from Aldi.

Now, we get to the rest of this week, which is where the takeout-missiles start slamming in to the healthy diet with devastating effect: Wednesday – Kebab for my wife and double pizza for me (Double – a BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free offer, where I had half a pizza for lunch the following two days). Thursday – Chinese (You know, I’m actually starting to tire of Chinese takeout!). Friday – we went out to the Cinnamon Tree (Upper class Indian restaurant) in Pontypridd, another post there! Saturday – the daughter was down and my wife has the grand daughter, Peanut, so there was no cooking again (Mind, we were pretty knackered from the day!); and it brought yet another Chinese – my wife’s favourite of them all 🙂

Think we’ll probably be going out for lunch today with the Father, so Death by takeout (Or out-take?) continues… to be updated!

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