Have I Been Pwned?


You know, we all rely on our e-mail accounts for a host of other systems, and a compromised e-mail account could realistically hand over your entire life to a hacker.

Put it this way – in this age, your e-mail account is the keyring to your life; look after it well, and don’t let it fall into the wrong hands!

I became aware of have i been pwned? recently, and have taken some time out to vet the addresses and domains I use against the pwned lists – fortunately I’m safe, however I know of a few who haven’t been so lucky.

Either way, go visit have i been pwned? now, and make sure. If any of your accounts have since been compromised, you can take some remedial action and get ’em under control quickly enough.

As a general rule of security, always use a two step verification process, most of the bigger providers offer this now, Google and Facebook to name two. And don’t use stupid password, OK? 🙂