Skills in use

For once in work I’m getting to use some of my more technical skills. Don’t get me wrong, in day to day activity I do tech stuff, but it’s normally more mundane and doesn’t give my inner geek a workout. The last two days though have been a little different – been resolving issues which have bugged one of our remote site since April. With the help of my colleagues we’ve got them sorted in just over 24 hours!

Hopefully we’ll continue with one of the other sites as well and have the same level of success.

Applied for a token today, this will allow me to work remotely / from home if needed. I think it’s a double edged sword, but one which I can certainly use for the more immediate of my duties.

Spoke to my manger today – I think he’s leaving at the end of September. Don’t want to lose him as he has been the best of the bunch so far. I’ll have to break I a new manager in October now, I hope that Marc will hand over to the new person well… Don’t wanna lose that bonus at the end of the year!

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