The close of Monday brought a very fucking nice letter from the bank, in a few weeks I’m going to be very well off, will be able to pay off some debts, get a few things here and there, and maybe a short holiday as well. I was kinda numb from the shock of the letter, kinda like I’d taken a step backwards, out of my skull!

I’m continually shocked by the numbers, by numbers I mean the amounts which are zipped around and “boom”, just like that, over half of my debts will be cancelled out. It’ll alter my long term plans somewhat. I did plan to eventually take redundancy from my job, knowing the payment would clear my debts outright and I’d be able to take a job of my choosing without having to worry too much about the pay. Saying that, I’ve some insurance, which means if I do get forced into redundancy, I get a grand a month for up to twelve months.

At this rate though I’ll be clear in a few years anyhow, and I speculate that the job will last at least another two or three years at least.

Anyhow, the events of Monday were boring, the end went boom, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. Don’t know how I’m going to concentrate today, I’m off to the Reading office with my colleague, Chris.

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