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An evening at The Bear.

Img_1577My fantastic Wife, after a period a few days off four years, has mentioned to me, after my own discovery, that we live around the corner from a village full of pubs. What fantastic news! Pubs! I moved here after the last pub in the immediate area had closed (Makes me sad!). The pubs ‘around the corner’ are a five minute drive away, so either means one of us staying sober, or having a taxi back.

One of the pubs, my discovery of the night, is The Bear, in Llantrisant. The Bear is a small independently owned and run pub, with an attached mini-restaurant – for want of a better expression, a small gastro pub. The menu isn’t mega amazing, a quite small menu, however what is unusual is that the dishes are all freshly prepared on the premises – no bought in frozen, pre-cooked food!

We had some dishes from the special menu, and wow – just fucking wow. The food came to £22 a head, the drinks were average priced – soft drinks supplied in cans though :-/ We will be going back again – best go early or book though as I feel this can be one very busy little pub. Now I have to, I have to, explore the rest of the pubs in the village full of pubs; this mission may take a couple of months, but, I feel it’s my duty 😉

Death by takeout

Well… It IS payday and I have a little money left over…

Going to attempt ‘Death by Takeout’ this weekend. Have had a good run up this week already, Tuesday was pizza / kebab, Wednesday (Not strictly a take out), lamb burger and chips, Thursday Indian, Friday (Tonight) will be a Chinese. Might continue with takeout tomorrow, or might actually go out and find something. Either way, it’s payday, I’ve some cash, as my Wife would say, ‘Like fuck am I cooking’.

I’d normally (Try) to put my foot down a little, after all I have been REALLY fucking good lately, not this week, obviously! In this instance though… this time… I’m working overtime tomorrow, my wife is working overtime on Sunday, and to boot she is working on the bank-holiday Monday as well – I’m probably going to end up doing housework on Sunday… so in a short, well rehearsed phrase – fuck it! 🙂