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Review: Beaum Vape

imageOne word: AWESOME.

It’s not often that I’m inspired to go out and write a positive review for a retail store, however in this case, I’m not only inspired but actually compelled to do so. I’m new to vaping, this is only my fourth week in to my vaping journey, and a week ago, thanks to Beaum Vape, it changed massively for the better.

I’ve been in a few Vape Shops, but they’ve been staffed by kids, lax kids who couldn’t give a shit, sat behind a counter, wearing shell suits and backwards baseball caps, not paying attention, and generally not giving a shit – I was really put off going into the stores; however Beaum Vape was recommended to me by a few people, so I decided to give it a try. Completely the right choice, and something I’m so glad I did!

Beaum Vape will make you feel welcome. The retail environment is perfect for the subject and products. Beaum Vape will go out of their way to ensure you get the best possible products and service, and are passionate about it. It’s not often when you can walk into a place and be guided by people who actually know what they’re talking about, but this is one of those places. If you’re new or experienced, Beaum Vape will make you feel welcome, and enhance your vaping experience.

You can try a mind blowing range of different e-liquids, and get an amazing experience. The prices are awesome, often beating the online retailers for the same products. What is amazing is the personal service provided, nothing is too much trouble for the staff who go out of their way to ensure you’re taken care of to the best possible standards.

They also don’t let kids into their shop – this is important, and one of the many points which distinguish them, and put Beaum Vape, head and shoulders above others in the same retail environment.

They recommended a combo of the Asmodus – Ohmsmium mod with the Aspire Cleito tank, which has upped the vaping game for me, and I honestly think at this point in time, it’s to a standard which will be extremely hard to beat. The e-liquids on offer are all vetted by the staff, and smoothness isn’t even a consideration – you just know that anything in store is going to be silk dynamite.

In summary – if you’re in the South Wales area, or anywhere within travel distance, and you want to improve your vaping experience, go visit Beaum Vape. Go visit their website, they also trade online. In the physical world, you can find them in Ivor House, Bridge Street, Cardiff, CF10 2TH. I’ve added a perma-link to their website on Spabbit 🙂

Vaping – 4 Week update

imageAs per my original thread regarding Vaping, this is my four week update!

It’s working. I’m snacking significantly less, and my weight is maintained. My health actually seems to be improving – I’m running up and down stairs like they don’t exist (Mind, I was panting the other day, when I carried 60lbs when running up stairs lol), and my initial cough has vanished.

I’ve tried lots of different e-liquids, and have discovered that like cigarettes, they vary greatly, in terms of flavour, nicotine content, and smoothness. One liquid I did try, My Man, was like trying to smoke razor blades – wow – nasty – made me cough my lungs up (Great flavour though); however the vast majority have been awesome.

As per the picture, I also upgraded in terms of mod and tank, going for the Asmodus – Ohmsmium with the Aspire Cleito tank. Wow. The combination blew my mind – an incredible difference, and one which I couldn’t have imagined – so much better. I think the combination of the upgraded mod, better tank, and a smooth e-liquid has firmly brought vaping home to me.

So, for the four weekly update in my vaping journey – It hasn’t done me any perceptible harm, and on the flip side, I’m greatly enjoying it, am still discovering how awesome it is, and my health is improving. #win 🙂

I have to give a massive thank you to Beaum Vape, who recommended the upgrades and guided me to a better experience. I’ll also post a separate reviewfor Beaum Vape…

Further info regarding #vaping, Popcorn Lung & safety.

IMG_4261Following on from my previous post Cloud shaped diet-aid… #vape Where I stated an awareness of a condition called Popcorn Lung, and its dangers. Well, I decided to do a little digging, and went ahead to contact the vendors and manufacturers of various e-liquids I’ve seen available for sale, and query the presence of the chemical responsible, diacetyl.

Here are a couple of my findings / thoughts:

Most of the e-liquids I looked into do not contain diacetyl, however it is always best to query before purchase.

The standards of the professional producers are amazing, the industry is really working well to give us the best possible products.

Only purchase e-liquids from a known professional supplier.

The companies which I’ve purchased from have confirmed, as below, that their liquids are wholly or in part diacetyl free.

From replied that some of their liquids contain diacetyl, but many are clear…

from: Vapour UK Support <> via
date: Mon, Jun 27, 2016
subject: Re: Contact Form

Some of the eliquids we stock do contain diacetyl, however we also stock eliquids that do not. The best thing to is check the descriptions on the product pages, most of them say whether or not they contain any diacetyl.

Failing that I have put together some links below, that contain none and therefore are fine to vape if you are worried about diacetyl inhalation or popcorn lung.

Black Note


Ripe Vapes


Generals Juices

And from vapouriz.comAll of their E-Liquids are clear (And a really nice response from their support)…

from: Support <> via
reply-to: Support <>
date: Mon, Jun 27, 2016
subject: Re: Offline message


Thank you for getting in touch about this.

I am pleased to confirm that we go to extra lengths to prevent chemicals such as Diacetyl from entering our products.

We cannot provide the details of the exact ingredients in our flavours for obvious reasons, mainly being this is our IP. However, one thing we will be offering in the near future, is Certificates of Analysis for every liquid (and available on our website for all to see) which will show the absence of chemicals such as Diacetyl (and other ketones) or Acetoin etc – which are prohibited in our formulations.

I can give you my personal assurance, we have a strict policy in regards to our formulations and manufacturing process and work in accordance to PAS 54115 guidelines (

I hope this helps!


Please do not hesitate to contact either myself, or another member of the customer service team should you require further assistance.

It’s also interesting to note that are also online as &

I did go one step further with some of the liquids from, and chased up with the individual manufacturing outfit, and was pleasantly surprised of the standards they keep.

Premium Labs produce, among others, the Decoded range of liquids – which are great, their lab report for the range is here, and clearly states the lack of the chemicals which cause Popcorn Lung.

For a further list of professional suppliers (In the UK at least), check out The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association – ECITA.

Also see this documentary from the BBC:

Cloud shaped diet-aid… #vape

IMG_4261Well… I lost five stone last year, and have managed to maintain my new shape for six months; however the temptations of the snacking kind are strong, and I am weak.

Bring on the #vape. I decided, after doing some internet, and documentary based ‘research’ to start vaping. The current best of research, and limited experiments state that there are virtually no down-sides to vaping, where as the upside for me is that when I vape, I don’t snack. So far, I’d estimate, that the vaping has reduced my snacking a good 70% – so that’s 70% less calories I’m absorbing via the snacks! There is also limited evidence that nicotine reduces appetite, and that in the past people have taken up smoking to control appetite. Now whilst I don’t believe / accept blindly everything I read – I decided to chance it and go for it anyhow.

So far, after just over a week, the only adverse affect is that I have a slightly dry throat leading to a minor dry cough; and from what I’ve read – this is normal – I’ll have to balance out the variables – drinking more (I’m like a camel, and don’t often drink much between getting up and around 13:00 daily), playing with the wattage of the device to alter the temperature of the vape, the VG content of the e-liquids (I’m aiming for 75-80%), and the drawing speed. I’m confident that as time passes, and my body gets used to this new sensation, and the variables are balanced, that this will pass. The reading I’ve been doing seems to confirm this – however I’ll have to wait for my sample of one to bear results 🙂

Classically I don’t have an addiction to nicotine, and have, in the past, been able to start and stop smoking at will – going from 0 to Camels via Marlboro Red and back in no time at all. It has been around 7-8 years since I was smoking on a regular basis.

More importantly, this new crutch / snacking substitute is enjoyable. I’ve been purchasing some e-liquids from, and have been impressed with the flavours and varieties to hand. I’m aware of the potential impact of “Popcorn lung” from these e-liquids, however the original study which was carried out was in relation to the ingredient diacetyl, which is a food flavouring often used in the manufacture of popcorn. I’m trusting that in using a professional supplier for my e-liquids I’m somewhat shielded from this chemical. This article from explains about it.

The device I chose is the VPark Box 30w, a cute little device which is ideal for me, not so much for a person looking to switch from smoking to vaping, due to the small battery (1000mAh). It comes with the VPark MAX Tank MINI, and even set as low as 18w produces a sensation akin to smoking, with the effect of a large could of vapour. I got mine from for £37, including a sample bottle of e-liquid – a fair priced deal, and I’m happy with the service from them. I’ve just ordered some more e-liquid from Vapouriz as well.

I’m aiming to post another article in a couple of months detailing how I’m getting on with this, and any impact that I can notice on my health.


I did some further reading regarding diacetyl – linked here

Four week update here….

Obsessive Compulsive System Checks (OCSC)…

Daily, Hourly, and perhaps every other minute I’ll check things, items, conditions. In my role as a geek, a systems engineer, I can’t help but compare my checks to systems checks – making sure all the components are there, all functioning correctly, all talking to one another, and no unexpected changes have occurred since the last check.

Many geeks will do the same thing, their baby systems will be checked, and the checks will be checked, ad infinitum. I have the same thing about my body at the moment. Until around 10 months ago I didn’t care – it existed, doing it’s own thing, only the odd system alert would flag anything up to the brain… You know, in geek terms:

Back pain +1, potential for system disablement. lol.
Farting too much, need a shit. Output dump – 10 minutes 😉

Now though, now I’ve lost the weight, it’s a constant battle to stop looking at the new body, to stop feeling the tightness factor of the new clothes – as if, by magic, I’ll put the weight back on between one breath and the next. Obsessive Compulsive System Checks. I have to constantly remind myself that the weight built up over decades, not in a blink, and it came off in half a year of solid work and obsession over every aspect of the diet. Years and Months, changes measured in Years and Months, I tell myself three times, Years and Months. Not seconds.

This is why we’re not in danger from Skynet, why the machines will not rise and kill the humans, they’ll soon come down with OCSC, either that, or they’ll all discover Tetris, Solitaire, or Candy Crush

I did have a dream, still do have the same dream, from when my age was measured in single digits, until this day – the dream terrified the younger version of myself, before I evolved, mentally. It’s an abstract dream, where I can imagine both infinite and finite volumes of space, not just visually, but in every sense, every feeling. In the dream reality flicks between the two, I feel both agoraphobic and claustrophobic at the same time. Now when I have the dream, there is some kind of flag there, which tells me that it’s just a dream, and the dream is a system error, that everything is normal – the dream reality stops spinning out of control, dream-reality immediately snaps into sharp focus and stops the mind bending behaviour, front and centre, gravity restored, fixed points of reference all there and accounted for, systems checks all complete. Sometimes, I wonder if the dream is leaking out without me noticing?

UK Government Morons and Pointless Taxes!

The Guardian - More Sugar Tax proposed!

The Guardian – More Sugar Tax proposed!

The current bunch of Tory wankers in power have bowed to the wishes of non-thinking-tabloid-press twatbags, introducing a fucking sugar tax. S U G A R tax… Now I understand the intentions behind this are basically to reduce sugar intake for the general public, but tax is the wrong way to do it. Wrong. Plain and simply wrong. Why?

  • Tax is their answer to everything, and it’s a lazy one.
  • Tax doesn’t help, people will just spend more.
  • If Tax is so bloody effective, why are there still smokers in the UK, or drinkers for that matter?
  • Tax just hurts people, reduces their liberties and opportunities.
  • Tax hits the less well off sectors of society disproportionately hard.
  • Tax just doesn’t effect the rich.

What would work? What are the alternatives to punitive financial measures applied in an idiot-blanket fashion? How about the following, for starters

  • Education for the public, not boring government documentary films, but programs outlining and exposing the amount of sugar in many supposedly healthy foods.
  • Ad admission that they were wrong about ‘diet’ foods where the fat has just been replaced with sugar.
  • Legislation for food manufacturers to stop using sugar wherever possible, putting back in the fat and alternative sweeteners.
  • Legislation for the food manufacturers to reduce size (AND Price!) for chocolate / candy bars / sweets.
  • Graphic advertising of what just a few hundred extra calories per day can do to you.

TAX is just lazy, the laziest way of getting around a perceived problem without effort of thought, an ineffective solution, proven by studies in Mexico where it has had an impact of just 6 calories per day!

TAX… In the UK this is simply laughable, around 22% of my salary is already taken as tax, with what’s left I have to pay yet more tax – Council Tax, Vehicle Tax, VAT, and Fuel Duty… Plus there are probably more I’m still blissfully unaware of. And now SUGAR fucking tax – pretty soon we’ll all just be working for the government, as there won’t be any money left from our pay after tax, we might as well be working in a communist state soon.

I’m one of the lucky ones in this case, I’m off sugar for health reasons, my eyes were opened a long time ago to dangers of this substance, and whilst I still enjoy the odd treat here and there, I won’t really feel the impact personally. That doesn’t make this right though. The people need to speak up, to make the government understand that we’re not all morons, we know what we’re doing, and if we don’t, education is the key, not more bloody tax.

My #LCHF Weight-Loss Journey

LCHF Food PyramidI’ve just published a page (linked here, or from the site menu above) detailing the long, and still ongoing journey where I embarked on the Low Carb, High Fat diet.

Inside six months on the diet, I lost 70lbs / 30kgs and 12 inches from my waistline, my wedding ring had to be resized – five sizes smaller, and I can now comfortably fit into regular clothing. My health has improved immeasurably and my life is better – hell, if you do this right, it’s even cheaper to eat. Please go have a read if you’re at all interested in a life changing way of eating – the page doesn’t have all the answers, and you’ll need to do a lot more research if you want to follow it, however it does have the basics, and my experience.

All the answers?

Just turned 42. Should I have all the answers to Life, The Universe, and everything? I think so.

I didn’t work. I still don’t have the answers, only more questions, mind, are the questions also the answers? Is the cat in the box alive or dead? Don’t peek 😉

This year end has been slightly less depressing than usual, perhaps because I was largely able to sulk in my own special way on my birthday, meaning that the following day, in comparison, seemed a shitload better.

  • This is the first year in the last nine where I’ve not been “at risk” of redundancy.
  • First year of having eight cats. Cute, but painful in the amount of upkeep and food etc!
  • Babies. Two more on the way from the daughter and daughter in law. Fuck. Babies. Ick.
  • New Car. Still shiny. Well, needs a wash, but still SHINY.
  • Lost around 5 stone / 70 lbs / 31 kg. Not yet skinny. Health normal though 🙂
  • Maintained the efforts in work. Hopefully to be translated into a phat bonus for my western consumerist arse.
  • Now have a sister. Well, step sister. Always had one, but due to interfering arseholes, I didn’t before.
  • Cooking is still 50% art, 50% skill, and 50% science. 150% you say? You’ve probably not tasted it 😉

More to come when the fingers feel like it 🙂


Found this delightful article on the BBC today which compares fat people with hard core smokers and alcoholics… Seems they’ve fucked up again…

When was the last time a fat person got sent to jail after beating up their partner and kids for a sugar fix….

When was the last time you heard of a sugar junkie breaking in and robbing someone, then stabbing them in a sugar induced raged, spending the rest of their life behind bars?

When was the last time you saw a fat person on the street begging for a few pence for another Mars bar, having ruined their life and broken a family… McKinsey and Co & the BBC need to be brought up to speed on the ‘other costs’ involved, they need to consider just how FUCKING STUPID they’ve just revealed themselves to be….

They also need to be aware that not all fat people have health problems, not all fat people rely on the fucking NHS, some are just themselves, perfectly fucking happy, and quite healthy…

When the perfectly healthy out there randomly get cancer and are a huge burden on the country, do you hear fat people complain… No… Fucking junk journalism to say the least!

Still off work, on the rant!

OK, so here I am today – I’m say around home doing not a lot, and the back / neck is annoying my beyond acceptable limits, so I call the doctor and make an appointment this morning. I am generally a respectful person and as such I turned up a few minutes for my appointment… The fuckers made me wait 55 minutes after my appointment time to see the doctor! 55 FUCKING MINUTES. And you know what, the singular most annoying thing…

Those fucking stuckup receptionists didn’t even bother to say anything… I mean if you’re running a customer facing system, which is almost an hour behind schedule, you’d tell your customers, right? You’d have the respect and courtesy to say “Hey guys, we’re about an hour behind, just warning you, so you can go do something else, come back, don’t waste your time waiting around, doing nothing”… NO, THEY COULDN’T BE FUCKING BOTHERED.

These fucking receptionists are the same fucking ignorant bastards which ignore you on a regular basis when you’re stood in front of them waiting. WHO THE FUCK do they think they are to treat the public in such a pathetic and disrespectful manner. You hear in the news that they get abused – I’m not fucking surprised, the way they collectively treat their CUSTOMERS. I was on the cusp of kicking off today myself, another 4 minutes and I might have started shouting at the ignorant bastards!

I can’t be the only one in the world fed up with this treatment and damn right disrespect from people who are, at the end of the day, Public Servants – in the UK, our tax and national insurance pay for these fuckers, we’re both the employers and the customers of these bastards!

Off work…

I have been suffering from a bad back; it all started on Saturday night / Sunday morning (It’s now Tuesday), although I suspect the Ikea trip and subsequent humping, plus all the flat-pack-fun of the last few weeks might have been a build-up.

Sunday morning I awake with a stiff neck… Nothing unusual there, but then I go do a silly thing – reach up high to get a clock off the wall… OUCH! Since then I’ve been in pretty much constant pain, I’m able to sleep but only in durations of 40 minutes to an hour at a time.

I was in work yesterday, an easyish day spent in Reading with my colleague, TheCat. Today though – a regular day in the office. I cut the day short about an hour ago after reaching the point where it was counter-productive, trying to stay in work that is – I was turning into the bad-back zombie – time to split. First time I’ve been off work in a whole year though.

So I’m home, trying to limit the things I do and just rest… But it’s the middle of the week… rest 🙁

Might write up some missed events of the last couple of weeks; no harm in that, right?