Annoying Facebook Feminist Bullshit.

Img_3128I’m not normally this reactive to bullshit on Facebook, after all Facebook is just overflowing with bullshit; however this grade-a bullshit really deserves a highlight and a counter.

All of the points raised are choices. The woman, in control, has these choices to make, if she makes them, then it’s of her own free will, and nobody can be held to ransom for her own choices.

It also lacks completely the point of view of the other person in the relationship, in fact to add insult to injury, it completely misses out the other types of relationships which exist!

So assuming that it’s talking about a man & woman being married, and that it’s in one of the western countries not influenced by any cult (Read “religion”)… Oh boy.

The couple makes a choice, the man has to agree for the woman to take his surname, he has to be happy for her to do so – they might choose to take another name completely, or double-barrel it.

Changes HER home? WTF? Don’t men have homes? Don’t couples ever move into a new place, their place? Fucking grade-a bullshit.

Leaves her Family?! Again WTF? He IS her family, he comes into her family, she into his, their families MERGE.

Builds a home with you? Duh!

Gets Pregnant… Well yes, that’s how the species works, however they as a couple have a choice to rub their private parts together to make a tiny human… A CHOICE.

Pregnancy changes her body? REALLY, you don’t fucking say? CHOICE to get pregnant, and if it didn’t change her body, something would be supremely fucked up.

Fat? Really? It’s a choice, unless there is some underlying medical condition.

Kids? Names? Your children, as a COUPLE. Again fucking choice, you short sighted feminist bint-bag from the darkest reaches of psychoville.

Blah blah blah… The fact is, man or woman, if you’re in a married relationship, you should be devoted to each other, love each other quite equally, and make the choices between yourselves – anything else and you’re doing it wrong. What the world doesn’t need is this feminist bullshit pollution; we’re all equal, we’re all human. Enough said.

Core of Abuse.

I’m struck by all the positives in my life, on a regular basis. I have my Wife and family, enough money to get by on and afford some luxuries, but hey, I’m not especially materialistic. Achievements have come regularly this year, from those in work, to those at home – they’re all good.

However, here’s the dark core to it all… Deep down, sometimes I feel the anger, the burning heart of the combined years of abuse from the past – with the help of my Wife and friends, I was pulled away from. The source of all this abuse? The christian religions, and my sycophant ex-family – they really fucking screwed me over during my earlier years… I realised this gradually over time, however even today, after several years since I’ve laid sight on any of those vile fuckers, I have flashbacks; the darkness and burning heart of abuse is brought to the surface, and has an even starker meaning than before. Even my school years, now long past, have revealed themselves, in memory, to be full to the brim of abuse – targeting children… how fucking vile.

It’s odd though – there are those parties in my life, even now, some of whom were around during the dark years who have been shown to be false. Instead of helping during those years, they stood by and did nothing. You’d think it would be an easy call to get rid of them, but sadly not – life is simply more complex, with more factors than can be easily accounted for to make this a reality. Saying that though, these people will probably die within the next 10 years or so, scant comfort though.

Sometimes, when these realisations come to the surface of my intellect, I grasp onto my current life with an intensity which borders on a death-grip; of course nothing shows on the surface, but things happen, accomplishments happen, the unattainable is suddenly in reach, because I’m better, just fucking better than every fucking religious, abusing, cunt of a headcase on the fucking planet. It might seem that I’m fuelled by rage, but it would be a mistake to assume that. In the past it would have been true, but I’ve broken free, again, nothing can understate the role my Wife, current friends and family have in that; even if some of them are occasionally annoying 😉

The tag line on this article – Mother-fucking abusive religious cunts: I’ll out do you, I’ll out live you, I’m a better person, a better fucking human than any of you could ever be. If you see me, get out of my fucking way, because I’ll fucking destroy you, one way or the other.

#Tesco #Annoying #crap

article-2281448-1784A919000005DC-517_634x413Today I posted a complaint to #Tesco on their Facebook page, it got deleted because it contained the word #crap. So, in this instance #Tesco have chosen to ignore their customer and instead chosen to become the language police.

So I, for one, won’t be using them, they will not receive any more of my money.

The original complaint was that their customer services and cigarette counter wasn’t open before 08:00 in the morning, something I could honestly live with, even though it’s annoying. What I can’t live with is their “head in the sand” attitude and pompous behaviour – those are unacceptable.

I realise I’m only one voice, and that they won’t care to lose my custom, but it will make me feel better; I will not be owned by the anger. #ThereIsNoSpoon

Love #Sainsburys #Lidl #Asda #Aldi – you all have better customer services, and will receive my money instead of Tesco, who shall now be known as TheScum.

Also loving the fact that during a random image search for TheScum, the one I clicked on linked to this article, on the Daily Mail website.


BBC: Promoting violence and death.

BBCIt looks like the BBC has once again chosen to support violence, death and suffering with it’s continued support of religion, not even paying attention to it’s own survey of the views of the licence fee paying public.

It amazes me why society at large is still pandering to religious idiots, devoting public resources to them, and giving them tax exemptions.  By all means let them fuck off to a quiet corner of the universe and worship their imaginary sky-fairies, but don’t foster it on all of us!

It’s very annoying when I have to turn off the radio at least twice a day, when some jumped up arse-hole who thinks they’re better than the rest of us (because of their imaginary sky fairy), comes on and tries to tell us how to conduct our lives, how to adhere to their fucking twisted morals.  I mean ANY religious arse is an accomplice to mass murder, suffering, terrorism, child abuse and genocide, how fucking dare they, even for a second, think they’re better than cockroaches.

10475514_700097060064782_28342048734165353_nPut on a more simplistic level, the Nazis are universally despised for their persecution and attempt at world domination through violence, intimidation and attempted genocide… we all accept that, right?  The fucking christians (For example) did exactly the same fucking thing, yet they and their sycophant followers to this day proclaim innocence…  Fucking priceless.  They should be removed from planet Earth, they are a chronic disease.  Coming back to the point, yes, the BBC, which we pay for, gives these disease filled pustules air-time, and that is a bad thing.  Not that I even care to disagree with them – they’re simply wrong in every imaginable sense of the word.–religious-radio-programmes-are-least-popular-and-least-well-received–but-we-wont-change-them

… And a parting thought:



Good News: Fucktard has been fired!

In reference to the Fucking Retards Post

It has taken some time for the pure diamond-hard level of drooling Stupida to seep through the layers of middle management to HR, but it’s happened, yes, Stupida has been fired!

I believe the eventual reasons were that she couldn’t muster the will power to keep her rabid-shit-flap of a mouth closed when on calls, and ended up swearing at customers; and performing a role which has strict regulations, and fucking them up royally.

It’s excellent news for the company, I think the share-price might even rise.  On the downside for humanity, rumour has it that the fucking-drooling-chav-gypsy-queen-slag-bag is now working for British Gas; I pity the customers she’s now inflicted on.

Excellent news for me, I can once again feel comfortable in my working environment without feeling a continual need to bury the nearest sharp (Or blunt… what the fuck!) object lethally deep in her rancid flesh!  🙂

Happy Birthday, you cunt.

Here’s a may-you-burn-in-the-fires-of-your-self-created-hell-you-cunt to my biological mother on her birthday. Let it be known she was the lowest of the low, a cunt so rotten, if you saw her on fire, you’d go buy some petrol and pour, just to have a good time. I hope you died with realisation of your cuntishness and with knowledge that your son just plain didn’t give a fuck about your worthless child abusing life.

Ah. Feel better now.

Fucking retards.

In life I have come across some truly fucking retarded people… Of course, I don’t mean the actually mentally-retarded-people, those dribbling into their Cornflakes in the homes; no I mean those who have just scrapped by in school and somehow, by some fluke of the system, made it into working life.

So fucking retards. In work, we’ve been sent some temps, most of them are OK, but there are some fucking pearls of retards. Just sitting in the same room as them, by some process as yet unknown, I can almost feel my I.Q. dropping points by the hour, it’s all I can do to block their inane droning out with some well placed ear-phones and music at suitable volume; but then I look, even their fucking looks are stupid.

There is one girl in particular, lets call her “Stupidia” for the sake of it. Wow. Words fail me. She sits there for eight hours a day, whining with a complete lack of imagination that her job is hard (It’s not), then whilst whining, she is wearing what I can only describe as something even a Big-Brother contestant wouldn’t be seen dead in… A light blue plastic mac – yes ALL DAY she is wearing this ridiculous outfit. The effect is amazing – not once in my life so far would I have thought a simple combination of low-I.Q. and bad-dress could induce such a twitch-causing level of annoyance. Not even going to mention (sic) the day-glow nail paint. But there we have it, this happened.

Shouldn’t be against the law to put animals like her down, just double-tap to the head – such an act would increase the net value of humanity. I’m going to blame the bleeding-hearted-leftie-wankers for letting such an aberration past the finishing-post of pre-school… “Everybody’s got to get a prize, there aren’t any losers” – LYING BASTARDS – in this case Humanity as a whole has lost. Makes me want to cry.


Found this delightful article on the BBC today which compares fat people with hard core smokers and alcoholics… Seems they’ve fucked up again…

When was the last time a fat person got sent to jail after beating up their partner and kids for a sugar fix….

When was the last time you heard of a sugar junkie breaking in and robbing someone, then stabbing them in a sugar induced raged, spending the rest of their life behind bars?

When was the last time you saw a fat person on the street begging for a few pence for another Mars bar, having ruined their life and broken a family… McKinsey and Co & the BBC need to be brought up to speed on the ‘other costs’ involved, they need to consider just how FUCKING STUPID they’ve just revealed themselves to be….

They also need to be aware that not all fat people have health problems, not all fat people rely on the fucking NHS, some are just themselves, perfectly fucking happy, and quite healthy…

When the perfectly healthy out there randomly get cancer and are a huge burden on the country, do you hear fat people complain… No… Fucking junk journalism to say the least!

Next Stop: New Manager – all change.

I’ve finished work for the day, for the week. It’s been a while coming but today was, in work, the last day for my manager and a few colleagues of the same level and job title. Gave him a call today to say goodbye and the usual best wishes. It’s odd, but I never even saw my manager in person, despite being in that role for an entire year. Just after the last lot organisational changes, a travel ban was introduced, which put pay to any jolly to get together. Never mind, I’ve friended him on Facebook, so will still stay in touch.

I sometimes feel that the job is in free-fall, that it needs breaks, a ‘chute to stop it, before it goes splat. This is one of those times – they haven’t even filled the managerial post, and I know whoever gets the job won’t be as good, or as knowledgeable. Time will tell.

Work otherwise is very busy, I’ve got requests from loads of different directions, hardly any of which are part of my regular-role; the things I do for the bonus!

Finished part of the preparation work today for the charity event in mid October – took me a couple of attempts, but the phone system is now prepared! Now to activate 100 system accounts so that the volunteers can log on to the systems on the night; then deactivate the phone recording system so we don’t capture things we’re not supposed to… Oh my. In previous years my close work colleagues have done the lot, but since they’re all redundant, it’s down to sweet old me.

I don’t agree with the whole principle of charity – it’s always a sticking plaster on a problem, never a complete solution – charity as a whole is evil, because instead of resolving problems, it prolongs the suffering by allowing the proper institutions, such as governments, to get away with not fixing the problems properly and permanently. By supporting charity I am becoming the object of my distaste. Not by choice, in any circumstance, however my employer forces me into this situation as part of annual performance, and without it, I would suffer financially. I’m pretty good these days, however I have a small pool of seething anger directed at them for this hostile act. Meh. The one saving grace is that this is not a charity tied to any religion, if it were I would not be a part of it. Only religion, by it’s nature and design can be more evil than charity.

A run in with SGD Security on the road…

This is a good one, perhaps what is a minor win for the average motorist…

Driving home from work last night and had a near miss with an SGD Security van who undertook me on a dual carriage way and forced his way into a space only 6 inches larger than his van, between me and the car in front – complete wanker of a driver and a dangerous move to say the least!…

So when I’d returned home for the evening, I called SGD security and made a complaint. SGD security called back a short while later and said that the driver of the tracked vehicle was one they’d had trouble with, and he was driving back to the depot, after his last shift, so must have been angry.

Now, I’d like to believe this, I really would… But I have to say there is an element of doubt in my mind that the story is a little made up, I could be, and hope to be wrong, but aren’t 100% sure… Make of it what you will, but at least the company were good enough to answer the phone and be polite, which is all you can ask for really. No matter what the story, I think the driver will be carpeted by his manager for giving the company a bad rep!

Fight back, if a commercial driver bullies you on the road, make a point of contacting the company and complaining, it can only make the roads a safer place in the long run 🙂