Wintergatan – Marble Machine

I was sucked into the YouTube Vortex the other day, and stumbled upon this gem from Wintergatan… This is simply amazing, and in this day and age where the fine level craftsman is something of a myth, even more amazing. Apparently this machine uses somewhere in the region of 2000 marbles (Although they look like steel ball-bearings to me), and is entirely hand cranked… What kind of madmen made this – Wintergatan madmen!

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

After watching this, I went further and watched some more Wintergatan… Whilst they looks like hippies given the IKEA make-over, they make some shit hot instrumental music – highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

Have I Been Pwned?


You know, we all rely on our e-mail accounts for a host of other systems, and a compromised e-mail account could realistically hand over your entire life to a hacker.

Put it this way – in this age, your e-mail account is the keyring to your life; look after it well, and don’t let it fall into the wrong hands!

I became aware of have i been pwned? recently, and have taken some time out to vet the addresses and domains I use against the pwned lists – fortunately I’m safe, however I know of a few who haven’t been so lucky.

Either way, go visit have i been pwned? now, and make sure. If any of your accounts have since been compromised, you can take some remedial action and get ’em under control quickly enough.

As a general rule of security, always use a two step verification process, most of the bigger providers offer this now, Google and Facebook to name two. And don’t use stupid password, OK? ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazing Music from Postmodern Jukebox.

As Postmodern Jukebox would say “Just PMJ and Chill”.

Postmodern Jukebox is an amazing collection of artists which vary seemingly daily, lead by the amazing Scott Bradlee who invented the concept. Scott and the artists who make up PMJ take existing music to places it was never designed to go.

I’m going to be fortunate enough to go see them live in the UK, around two weeks from now, and can hardly wait! Rather than waffle on about PMJ, I’ll embed a few of my very favourite PMJ tracks below:

Featuring the peerless talent of Morgan James, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” – I was in a branch of Curys (UK Electronic Retailer) in 2015, and accidentally hooked up to the in-store stereo system, and broadcast this… lol ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up, featuring the amazing versatile Robyn Adele Anderson is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, but nothing like you’ve ever heard it before.

Next here is Haley Reinhart with “Opps!… I did it again!”, in the style of Marilyn Monroe!

Finall, an instrumental of the Game Of Thrones theme, featuring the man with infinite sax skills – Dave Koz!

If you’re still here after watching the vids, here are a couple of PMJ links:

Their main site,

And the PMJ YouTube channel

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Annoying Facebook Feminist Bullshit.

Img_3128I’m not normally this reactive to bullshit on Facebook, after all Facebook is just overflowing with bullshit; however this grade-a bullshit really deserves a highlight and a counter.

All of the points raised are choices. The woman, in control, has these choices to make, if she makes them, then it’s of her own free will, and nobody can be held to ransom for her own choices.

It also lacks completely the point of view of the other person in the relationship, in fact to add insult to injury, it completely misses out the other types of relationships which exist!

So assuming that it’s talking about a man & woman being married, and that it’s in one of the western countries not influenced by any cult (Read “religion”)… Oh boy.

The couple makes a choice, the man has to agree for the woman to take his surname, he has to be happy for her to do so – they might choose to take another name completely, or double-barrel it.

Changes HER home? WTF? Don’t men have homes? Don’t couples ever move into a new place, their place? Fucking grade-a bullshit.

Leaves her Family?! Again WTF? He IS her family, he comes into her family, she into his, their families MERGE.

Builds a home with you? Duh!

Gets Pregnant… Well yes, that’s how the species works, however they as a couple have a choice to rub their private parts together to make a tiny human… A CHOICE.

Pregnancy changes her body? REALLY, you don’t fucking say? CHOICE to get pregnant, and if it didn’t change her body, something would be supremely fucked up.

Fat? Really? It’s a choice, unless there is some underlying medical condition.

Kids? Names? Your children, as a COUPLE. Again fucking choice, you short sighted feminist bint-bag from the darkest reaches of psychoville.

Blah blah blah… The fact is, man or woman, if you’re in a married relationship, you should be devoted to each other, love each other quite equally, and make the choices between yourselves – anything else and you’re doing it wrong. What the world doesn’t need is this feminist bullshit pollution; we’re all equal, we’re all human. Enough said.

Attempted loss of liberty (And free shit)…

Pirate Flag
Pirate Flag
This article has been prompted by the BBC News Story EBook piracy sites to be blocked by UK net providers.

The BBC, again, have been very helpful in pointing out sources of media which we don’t have to pay for. Prior to this article I was blissfully unaware of the sources of free shit detailed in their piece. The UK government and the grand old houses of media publishing are determined that we all keep to the capitalist ideals of giving huge amounts of money to the middle man, and as such are vigorously engaged and entrenched in the war against free shit; what these monkeys don’t realise is that getting past their blocks is almost child’s play.

So, I’d like to thank the BBC for the opportunity to plunder a huge store of media (Not that I would, that would be illegal, or course).

It’s a useful resource, I dare to say that I’d find works on those sites listed which I would otherwise struggle to find via more legitimate means… That’s the problem with the middle men who like to control what we all consume, they control

It seems all governments, all civil servants (Read: Civil Masters), which we in the West have elected (Supposedly), are doing their best to control society and preserve the status-quo of the rich and powerful. Until now, I would have been hard-pushed to accept I’d issue such a statement, after all, at this stage of my life, I’m hardly poor.

11007579_10152819596104811_637718903_nThe recent developments in governmental controls increasingly prompt me to rebel, to become a Civil Disobedient – that term in particular strikes an odd cord within me, it implies that I have bowed my head to these Civil Masters, and signed an unwritten contract to abide by their laws. Speed Cameras, Car Tax, Tax on the Tax, Internet Filters, Tax on the money we’ve already paid Tax on… Fines for taking your own kids out of school at a time of your choosing… Society is becoming a death-tap maze of our own making. I can’t remember where I heard it, a statement of our existence today, something along the lines that we exchange time for tokens to continue exchanging time for… Quite accurate. Makes me want to break free and get more free shit ๐Ÿ™‚

So as a Pastafarian (Not that I need an excuse), I’m going to raise my jolly-roger, and keep it flying where ever and when ever possible… Arrrrrrgh!

Welcome to the moment in between the moment, the one where you experience some of the flash thoughts above, but don’t explore them…


Found this delightful article on the BBC today which compares fat people with hard core smokers and alcoholics… Seems they’ve fucked up again…

When was the last time a fat person got sent to jail after beating up their partner and kids for a sugar fix….

When was the last time you heard of a sugar junkie breaking in and robbing someone, then stabbing them in a sugar induced raged, spending the rest of their life behind bars?

When was the last time you saw a fat person on the street begging for a few pence for another Mars bar, having ruined their life and broken a family… McKinsey and Co & the BBC need to be brought up to speed on the ‘other costs’ involved, they need to consider just how FUCKING STUPID they’ve just revealed themselves to be….

They also need to be aware that not all fat people have health problems, not all fat people rely on the fucking NHS, some are just themselves, perfectly fucking happy, and quite healthy…

When the perfectly healthy out there randomly get cancer and are a huge burden on the country, do you hear fat people complain… No… Fucking junk journalism to say the least!