Holiday and the sister.

As the previous, more public post has mentioned, this is the holiday, the last one of the holiday year, the first one of this actual year.  The primary reason for the holiday: My Wife’s Birthday – happy Birthday!

Anyhow, my sister is visiting.  Always a trigger for some carnage, and after the hard core diet of last week (Less than 1,000 calories a day and lots of the exercise), I’m diving head first into the debauchery with no small amount of lust and desire 🙂

It has been a great time, only slightly shadowed by the fucking-parents being their usual arsehole selves…  Dad got mega drunk, then started to slag people off, wrong move…  Mavis… well she just started to slag people off left right and centre… Talk about fucking glass houses.  Also thanks to Dad forgetting his glasses in my car, I had to drive three fucking hours back and fore to their house, located in the middle of buttfucknowhere.

Moving on – So far there has been food * lots, and even more drink.  I think she’s done around 20 cans of cider, my wife around five bottles of wine, and my self, well… around a litre and a half of white rum!  (Mind, as a Pastafarian, it is my duty and obligation to drink Rum… Arghhhhh!)

Anyhow, here are a few pics, pre-carnage that is 🙂

(Excuse this one, it has the fucking-parents in it, Dad was well on his way to fucking-drunk at this point in time)…


Myself and Tina, posing for the camera (A rare occasion)


And finally, Tina, on the phone to the boys 🙂 (In this one you can see some of the evidence… and OK,, there might be a little carnage in this shot)


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